The Steps in the Home Selling Process

Thinking of putting your house on the market? We recommend getting familiar with the home selling process, so you can get the most out of your listing. 

Your first step? Meet with a real estate professional. There is no commitment for the initial meeting. This is simply an opportunity to get your questions answered and determine the next steps. But the sooner you take this first step, the faster we can get your home listed! 

Next, you will want to work with your realtor to establish a price and prepare your home for listing. This can be a difficult process as you will need to objectively evaluate the market and your home’s value. Your realtor will help with this, showing you comps in the area and helping you decide on a competitive price. This is also the time to prepare you home for the upcoming showings – declutter, clean, and fix any maintenance issues or small repairs. 

From there, your house will start to be shown and the offers will start rolling in. Your realtor will present you with offers and you will have the opportunity to counter or accept. Once you select an offer, you will go under contract, undergo an inspection, and finally close! 

If you are ready to get your home on the market or want to talk more about the home buying process, let’s connect. We would love to work with you to sell your home!

graphic showing steps in the home selling process by Sonoran Home Group