6 Professionals Involved in the Home Buying Process

Listing agent, buyer’s agent, inspector, appraiser – just how many professionals are involved in the home buying process? We know, it gets confusing! But each person is vital to the successful sale of a home.

If you are a first time home buyer (or even an experienced one) it is a good idea to get familiar with all the professionals you will be working with. Here are the 6 professionals typically involved in the home buying process. 

  1. Appraiser
    The appraiser determines the value of a home. This happens after the seller and buyer have signed the purchase agreement. Home appraisals are required by the lender since they won’t approve a loan for more than the home is worth. 
  2. Home Inspector
    The home inspector works for the buyer. Their job is to inspect the property and provide the buyer with information about the condition of the home. 
  3. Buyer’s Agent
    This is the realtor that represents the buyer. They will show homes, submit offers on behalf of the buyer, negotiate repairs, and coordinate closing. 
  4. Listing Agent
    This is the realtor representing the seller. They educate the seller on list price, list the home on MLS, markets the home, and assists with negotiating the purchase contract and coordinating closing. 
  5. Lender
    The lender will work with the buyer to secure financing. 
  6. Escrow Officer
    The escrow officer is a neutral 3rd party that handles the title insurance and signing of loan documents.
graphic showing the 6 professionals involved in the home buying process